Thoothukudi, we stand with you

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- Condemn this brutality and call for a CBI enquiry into the incident

- Demand State and National Human Rights Commission to investigate the killings

- Demand the permanent closure of Sterlite Copper


23 May, 2018

Eleven innocent citizens were brutally shot down and over 60 injured by police officials in Thoothukudi (Tuticorin), Tamil Nadu.

Their crime? Protesting against the grossly contaminated water resources and air they were compelled to live amidst for the past two decades. What right does the police have to kill innocent civilians? Is this what “crowd control” means to them?

In 1996, mining conglomerate Vedanta set up Sterlite Copper, a plant to smelt copper, on the edge of Tuticorin town. According to a report by Environment Impact Assessment, the plant began releasing excessive amounts of sulphur dioxide and other toxic pollutants, poisoning the groundwater, drinking water and air around the area. Soon, residents started suffering from skin diseases, asthma, wheezing and other breathing problems.


While protests over the years fizzled out due to crackdowns, the situation peaked in January 2018 when news broke that Sterlite Copper would double in capacity. Yesterday’s protest, to mark 100 days since the January agitation began, ended with police officials shooting protesters in the face and the chest.

We need to let the loved ones of the deceased know that we will continue their fight.

Let’s never forget why these innocents were gunned down – for demanding the right to a clean environment.