Want Justice for IT Employees

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993 Verizon Employees (inclusive of 450 from Chennai)  were retrenched in a span of just 2 days (12th and 13th of December, 2017) in a cruel and shocking manner hitherto unheard. Employees who had worked for Verizon, for as long as 12 to 16 years were shown the door forcefully. Verizon employed bouncers to intimidate and threaten the employees to resign immediately. To add to this, they had doctors, nurses, psychologists and ambulances on call, to prevent untoward incidences.

Verizon was smart enough to take the precautionary measures upfront and purposefully avoided to inform its own employees in advance.

As opposed to the common perception that only non-performers were sent out during retrenchments. The affected employees include top rated, award winning, recently certified employees, alongside even pregnant women and married couples. 

Employees who had toiled for this company for so many years were given exactly 10 minutes from the time they were asked to resign, to leave the premises. This happened in the most humiliating way, with security escorting the employees to their vehicles.

Though the IT employees are protected by the law, corporate giants like Verizon continue to use and throw us. The Government, as usual, remains a mute spectator.

It's shocking that so many of us have lost our means of living in a matter of minutes for no fault of ours. We are not dolls; we are real people with families to take care off, emotions and dignity. 

It is time to stand up against this injustice and inhumane treatment of the employees.

1.         We want our jobs back!

2.         We want justice.

3.         We need a law to protect IT employees' interest 

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