Ban plastic laminated book covers, save the planet

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Dear Sir,
I write on behalf of the seventh grade class from Akshar Arbol International School, Chennai. The state has benefited greatly from the plastic ban enacted last year. However, we believe it can be taken further by removing the plastic film on school textbooks and notebooks. They peel off easily and once thrown away contribute to the growing landfill, which in turn affects the marine environment and wildlife. Because this state is a national leader of education and has one of the most number of enrolled students, this small change will make a large difference. Kindly consider creating a law that does not allow film to be placed on these books, or one that requires the use of more eco-friendly materials for them.

The plastic film on textbooks and notebooks does not improve the books’ quality very much and gets thrown away after peeling off.

This wasted plastic ends up in landfills and eventually the sea, where it affects marine life due to sea creatures thinking it is food and consuming it.

Let's stop using laminated covers on books!

Thank you
Yours sincerely
Grade 7, AAIS