Promote students, Don't do politics on their future

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The Chief Minister of Rajasthan declared a new set of norms regarding the Exams of UG and PG students. So, for final year students the exams are going to be held in July. Okay, that means final year students have good immunity system and they are not going to be infected by Covid-19. They have to travel from their home states and reach their respective colleges and exam centres for the exam. They won't be affected by the Corona. They can travel easily from some corona hotspots or to some corona hotspots. Congrats Final year students, you are immune towards Corona.

And the 1st and 2nd year students are promoted on a provisional basis. What is this promotion on provisional basis ? Either promote them directly or don't promote them and have their exams. What do you mean by promoting now and will take the exams of previous year later ? What type of JOKE is this, Sir. 

You want them to study for the next year as well as the previous year at the same time. How is this going to be possible. Students are having lot of difficulties in this Corona outbreak. They are not being able to concentrate on single year. And you are giving more pressure on them. Not even half of the syllabus is covered because of this lockdown. And Now you are telling students to cover the whole previous year syllabus as well as study the next year also. What a great idea Sir. I salute you ! 

Instead of doing all these dirty politics on the future of students. You can also have just directly promoted them to next year on the basis of internal marks as guided by Education Ministry of India.

So, I request Mr. Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister of Rajasthan to take the future of students seriously and don't play with it. Please promote them directly on the basis of Internal Marks.

And I also request Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Minister of Human Resource Development to interfere in this and take according actions.

And all the students please sign this petition and share this petition with all your friends. So, as to show our chief minister that we all are agreeing on this. And to cancel the exams and promote us directly not provisionally.