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Stop Giving Two years Extension to Government Employees in Punjab-Save Youth

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Capt Amrinder Singh ji,                   Chief Minister of Punjab (India).           Greetings,.                                                 1. As you had promised in your election manifesto that your policies will be directed to provide at least Government job in every household in Punjab and the interests of the youth will be taken care off.                              2. Your Excellency is quite aware about this fact that the youth of Punjab is drastically affected by the pain of unemployment which is caused by the lack of appropriate job opportunities in the Government Sector.                                                        3. Because of irrational policy of giving two years extension to existing Government Employees after the completion of 58 years , the opportunities for the youth to enter into Government service are shrinking and it is also  directly affecting the efficiency in the Government offices as the energy and young brain required for efficiently handling the governance is not made available.        4. The present policy of giving extension to retiring people is also creating discontentment among the Employees who are at the verge of promotions and their promotions are delayed and withheld because senior posts are occupied by the retiring people.                                                        5. The policy of giving extension to the retirees is also not judicious from the point of state exchequer as it is putting more financial burden on the taxpayers money as last pay drawn by the retirees on which extension is given is at least five times than the salary of new entrant in the Government service. Moreover if the extension is given to save the Government from immediate payment  retiral benefits to the retirees then it is just postponement of the Government liability which becomes heavy after two years and put more financial burden on the state exchequer.                                       6. Please save the interest of youth , Save the state exchequer and scrap the extension policy of statement Government .      Dr Ashwani Bhalla


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