Save Jagannath Sagar and All Ponds in Jeypore, Odisha

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Jagannath Sagar of Jeypore, Odisha is probably the largest man made pond in Odisha located in the center of the Jeypore Town. This 100s of years old Jagannath Sagar is proud water body of Jeypore having great history behind. I am raising this petition to reach out to authorities to take immediate action to clean and maintain as the condition of Jagannath Sagar deteriorating day by day. Not sure when the water will also become poisonous. 20-30 years back we were unable to see the other end of the pond so we used to get binocular to see other side but now with the size also reduced due to encroachment and fisheries departments so called development ponds. Now we can see the other end with encroached and reduced area  but it as  trash and bushes.  Over the years the water color has changed from blue to green. There was a time when many guys used to take daily bath, now people even scarred to touch the water even during some occasions . No maintenance, No development, unclean in what so ever form in and around Jagannath Sagar. Boundary wall of only few portion with 3-4 feet has been constructed with a plan to decorate and install garden lights but within a short span of time many areas wall itself spoiled, not sure who gets out of those small contacts and development works.  Jagannath Sagar also plays vital role in maintaining temperature, environment and ground water quality of Jeypore hence request authority to take appropriate steps otherwise entire Jeypore climate will also have impact, Jeypore public will cry for good ground water. As a request we want authorities to first Stop the drainage connection to Jagannath Sagar, Remov all encroached pond areas both by public and any departments then clean  the entire sagar with  machines and labours. Cover  the entire sagar with fencing and wall. Develop the sagar with multiple parks, restaurants, amusement park, aquarium, water fountain, laser show, boating, lights, water fountain etc. to attract more tourist, in that way sagar is also gets maintained well.

The historic pond is in totally ruined state covered with all garbage and waste plants. If appropriate steps are not taken it will disappear like how Raja Mahal entrance disappeared. Except public no one else will remember it. Heard that several crores have been spent by Gov’t but no one sees any sign of concrete development work for several decades. We Jeyporian feels if admin doesn’t take enough step, Jagannath Sagar along with other ponds in Jeypore will be invisible after few years with only garbage, landmass and encroachments. Already  Jagannath Sagar area in Jeypore has been  reduced by 1/3rd. Like Jagannath Sagar there are many other lake which are also in pathetic and bad conditions.

In the name of park, fisheries, offices etc. its already many areas occupied, Water totally diluted with full of trash and algae. No one takes care of it , neither maintains it.Municipality refers it to Department(MI), Department refers to Collector but not sure who has to take care of it. Finally got confirmation from Municipality that they don't own Jagannath Sagar maintenance and its with Odisha Water Department. Tried to reach Water Department through twitter but no response. Hence now the request is to Chief Minister to please align both Water and Tourism Department to take care of it. Also Youth and Sport Department can also intervene and make it first Water Sport Stadium of Odisha. For Tourism Department this could turn to be a great revenue generating place. Hence request CM, Tourism Ministry, Water ministry and Sport Ministry to take appropriate steps to make this a tourist and water sports destination point of Odisha.

Request Chief Minister along with other minister to visit this once and take little interest to save this Sagar. Officials to please save this Sagar, make necessary development along with proper maintenance budget and responsibility.

Please help in clean the entire sagar, stop drain water, make the parallel open drain covered and make it beautiful walk way for public, make it a favourite tourist destination with hotels and restaurants, water sports.  Create few water fountain so that water gets circulated, focused lights along with parks and garden all around the Sagar, Solar Fencing and lights around the sagar, create water bridge, restaurants etc. this can also become state level water sports stadium which we don't have anywhere in Odisha. 

Govt's  Immediate attention needed to stop drain water passing to the Jagannath Sagar and all other ponds in Jeypore. Cover entire drain so that drainage water doesn't dilute water. Proper planning, development , cleaning, maintenance, budget and execution will be needed. Request ministry, officials and Govt to please take immediate action to revive Jagannath Sagar and all other ponds in Jeypore. Jagannath Sagar can also be made available as first water sports stadium of Odisha.

Please help us “Save Jagannath Sagar”, and other ponds in Jeypore. Please help in clean and make it tourist destination. 


  1. Nilakantha Sagar,
  2. Pond in the back side of Raja Mahal,
  3. Khajuri Pond near Bank Colony,
  4. Munda Pond near Gandhi Park- in front of municipality office, .
  5. Many other water bodies at Jeypore

All these are inside town and in the important residential and important part of the town. REQUEST AUTHORITY GIVE EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO THESE PONDS CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE AS WELL.

Request authority to take immediate steps.