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On 22nd June 2020, MP Government came up with the decision of giving general promotion to 17.77 lac college students studying in the state. One end of the population was extremely satisfied with the news because their wishes had come true. But on the dark side, the medical students were left to suffer! We were completely disappointed when we realized that our university was not included in the list. Even though the final circular hasn’t been revealed yet, we’re pretty sure about what’s going to happen. 

We came across a letter released by MPMSU yesterday, 23rd June (dated 22nd June) notifying the Ayurvedic and MBBS Final {Part 2} students that their exams have been postponed, this clearly signifies their intentions of not mass promoting the students. 

Respected Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Chief Minister of MP), we request you to scrutinize the situation and decide for us wisely and with equality. We consider you as ‘mama’ as any other engineering or finance student does so we expect you to treat your ‘bhanjas’ and ‘bhanjis’ the same. We medical students are humans as well. 

The irony of the entire situation is that medical students are relatively “more prone to being infected”. The hospital buildings and college buildings are in the same campus making the entire area contaminated. In most of the places the hospital beds are full, so the hostels are being used as ‘quarantine centers’. How do you expect us to give our exams in peace in places like these? Isn’t our safety as important as other people of our age? Aren’t we facing the same pandemic as every other person living in India?

This was simply one of the problems that I elaborated, giving a brief glimpse to the others;

1. What about traveling? Throughout this pandemic we have kept ourselves safe, our parents have made sure that we don’t leave our houses if not necessary. 

2. How do you expect us to trust the entire group of people in the exam hall?

3. What about books? We weren’t ready for the lockdown to proceed this way. The people living in hostels left their books in their rooms because they were expecting that they would be back by the end of Holi.

4. What about practicals? Being medical students, our practical knowledge is more important than theoretical, without performing them in labs, how do you expect us to learn?

5. Do you really think online classes are effective? “There’s no signal.” “Sir, your voice is not audible.” “The video is not visible.” Is practically all we get from them. It’s funny if you think they really work!

Respected Panel Members and Delegates of MPMSU (Jabalpur). Please be a bit corporative. Ek saal promotion dene se pura MBBS nahi kharab hoga!

It’s not anything haywire that we are asking for, we’re simply demanding what we deserve.. EQUALITY