Remove the education minister of Maharastra

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Remove the higher education minister Mr.Vinod Sridhar Tawde: a request the hon’ble CM of Maharastra 

Date: 19th June 2018                                                                                                                                                                             

The Honourable Chief Minister of Maharastra



                 Sub: Demanding removal of the education minister Shri.Vinod Tawde – Reg.


                 Ref: (i) 10,000 Professors terminated in last three months – Pune, Nagpur alone

                       (ii) No digitalization of salary resulting in embezzlement

                       (iii) No digitalization of inspection - Payscale norms never followed by colleges


Maharastra the state with second most number of engineering colleges is facing a system crisis, employment crisis, teacher crisis and subsequently will face education crisis, social & economic development crisis. The AICTE 1:20 ruling and mismanagement of the central and state higher education regulatory and statutory bodies had thrust this grave danger to the state. The sinhgad institutes professors showdown had been witnessed throughout the nation and still the education minister is enjoying his office without feeling guilt. Plenty of profesors have lost job because of the SPPU & DTE of maharastra had just allowed the AICTE 1:20 ratio without any concern. A part of the result is what you see in the ‘subject’ of this petition.

India being a democratic country the elected representatives should be for the welfare of the people. Being the education minister we do not find any actions taken by Mr.Vinod Tawade and hence we the common people, educated people and educating people had decided to pass a resolution demanding his removal from office. Hope as our Chief Minister you will serve the people and do the needful by replacing him with a truly performing education minister.


Thanking you


Yours sincerely                            

The Professors of Maharastra


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