Save Land&building Goverment Polytechnic Pune,&raise PMRDA metro Funds from other sources.

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Please save land and Building of Government Polytechnic Pune, from PMRDA metro fund raising project.

For degree engineering students , IIT is the biggest name, same way for dipolma engineering students Government Polytechnic Pune is the biggest name.

This institute has been formed in 1957 by Government of india .

Up till now more than 24000 plus students has taken education from this engineering college .

This institute has given technology and talent to india. So this institute has given big contribution in india's development.

Now Government of Maharashtra has taken decision to acquire 70% of the land for the purpose fund raising PMRDA Metro project.

Please save this land of Government Polytechnic Pune, and give more infrastructure so that more students can take education from this institute.