Merge MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) in to government of Maharashtra

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The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation was established by State Government of Maharashtra as per the provision in Section 3 of RTC Act 1950.

But the Corporation fails to provide good service to citizens, not to give justice to employees and causes for loss in every year.

Corporation is under the state government but it's services and facilities reagrding citizens and employees are not like a government. 

The MSRTC's employees having no minimum wage as per state government.

Every 4 years a recognized Union and employer raise the wage of employees as per MRTU & PULP act 1971. 

But all the employees of msrtc want to remove mrtu & pulp act 1971 and to merge msrtc into government of Maharashtra.

Msrtc merge into government is very necessary for the purpose of-

To get minimum wage as per state government.

To get all better facilities to citizens as per state government.

Maharashtra government earns more from transport services.

State government no need to pay near about 22000 crore which have as a loan to msrtc.

To enable the economic situation of the kingdom.