Cities of Maharashtra need Area Sabha's

This is a must to balance top-to-down decision making that affects all citizens in each polling boot domain with bottom-to-top decision making - the existing weakness in our half-boiled INDIRECT DEMOCRACY - where only elected representatives and bureaucrats make the decisions that affect people populating each voting-booth domain. It is high time these people decide 50% and politicians and bureaucrats can add the 25% each so that people's projetcts are primary and the government joins the people's projects and supports the Vision of the People. We the people will also have to undertake the vast civic awakening of every voter in every voter list of every booth - changing them into informed citizens with INDEPENDENT understanding of their issues. FIX THE DATE. Quickly. I demand it along with the others signing this petition.

Vinod Bodhankar, Pune, MH, India
1 year ago
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