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Approve CBI inquiry of mysterious death of an on duty honest police officer.

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Sign the petition for the families of all those on duty officer’s mysterious deaths that are still unresolved or closed shut to cover up the system lapses.

1.    Late Shri Ram Pratap Singh Jadon, my father, was posted as Sub inspector in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. He had been serving the MP police department for last 35 years of his life. He was found dead in mysterious circumstances in his residence on 31st May 2016 by his fellow team mates.  As per the case registered by the Police, He hanged himself due to reasons unknown. It has been one complete year but the case still remains unresolved.

2.     I, Manjul Singh Jadon, grieving son of Late Shri Ram Pratap Singh Jadon, wants to draw your attention towards the negligence of Madhya Pradesh police department and ignorance of Madhya Pradesh government.

3.     Two years ago, He was transferred to Rajgarh Police station of Dhar district. This area is ill famed for the illegal activities being carried out freely under protection of Local Member of legislative assembly Vel Singh Bhuriya with support of SDOP Gauri Shankar Chidhar and Thana incharge Kushal Singh Rawat.

4.     He knew the challenges ahead and he had successfully stamped down all the illegal activities of the area for which he was sent for. People who were affected most were Local MLA Vel singh Bhuria, SDOP Gaurishankar Chidhar and Town Inspector Kushal Singh Rawat (Reporting officers of my father). Soon they started making threating calls & visits to my father’s work and residential place.

5.     Instead of supporting and appreciating my father for his honest work, His senior and reporting officers started tormenting him with their abusive behaviour and threats. My father was demoralized and  tensed, he used to share his disappointment and work adversities with me. He wanted to get out of that place as he was nearing his retirement (He was 56 Year old).    

6.     On 31st May evening, at 09:30 PM, we received a call from his superior SDOP informing us about his death. They said my father hanged himself. We did not believe him, as for the person like my Father, who has struggled his whole life to be here, He motivated people around him, in his tenure he always condemned all suicide cases as a coward act and believed in philosophy of “Life is all about winning it”.

7.     The reasons and stories given to us by the police department have lots of loop holes covering this planned murder as suicide by my Father. 

a)     Why would a person hang himself when he had a revolver with him for 24X7.

b)     Why did they take his body down in absence of family members and torn the place upside down? His colleagues claimed to have taken the body down at around 7 PM.. 

c)     Why there was three hours delay? They informed family after 3 hours of them finding it. 

d)     Why did they deny our entry in the room (and in the end when we manage to get in, it was a mess)? They searched his every belonging, looking for what only they know.

e)     Photographer, who had done the photo and videography of the crime scene, told us that police had searched the entire place before calling him for evidence recording.  

f)      Why they took his phone in custody & deleted the call details? Why were we denied possession of his mobile handset. They kept it for 9 Hours with them and tampered call history, messages and media.

g)     Why they did not give us the suicide letter? - When they claimed it to be Suicide, we asked for Suicide note (to which we knew, there will not be any because he can never do that. He was our hero and a true fighter). They said there is one note and it will be provided with all other belongings. We have not received anything yet and now they are saying there was no letter. If there is no letter than it was a planned murder.

h)     Why his body had no sign of suicide? His face was calm and usual looking. There was no sign of tongue or eyes being popped out.

i)      Why there was no one from their department with us? My mother, younger sister and brothers were all alone and were begging to everybody to arrange ice for his body as it was lying without any preservative for 12 hours already. My family sat on floor of hospital crying for my father. We called Thana Incharge and SP for their help. All of them turned their back. 

j)      Why there was no Guard of Honor on his cremation for his 35 years of service? - No one from police department tuned up for his funeral,

k)     Why no one from police department faced my family if they had not done anything wrong with my Father. SDOP had blocked our number and when tried from new number, He did not utter a word after knowing that it is our call. 

One year ago I lost my father and started this battle of justice, Not even an inch of progress is made by police in this case.

I am wrapping up this note with one question for you to ponder upon “Should you be dedicating 40 years of your life putting duty first over your family to meet an end like this ? “.

I know there are many others battling the same battle as I am.  On behalf of all, With folded hands, I request you to please sign this petition, not for me but for his 35 years given to honestly serve and protect the “We” people.   

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