Build safe shelter homes for stray animals in Madhya Pradesh

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  • 22 Nov, 2018, a dog was gang raped by four inebriated men and later, its genitals were cut. 
  • 19 Nov, 2018, first hospital for injured elephants in India was opened.
  • A WhatsApp video of villagers making bulls fight for their entertainment, calling it a tradition, was doing rounds a few days ago.
  • In 2017, a medical student from Chennai threw a dog from the rooftop of a building, and another friend filmed the entire act. In a more gruesome incident in Bengaluru, a woman flung eight puppies on a boulder, smashing their skulls in the process. Both perpetrators got out on bail after paying a petty fine of fifty rupees.

In a country where elephants and cows are revered and where just last year a full fledged political row had broken out over slaughter of 'gau mata' ; where people- politicians in particular- love bragging that the India's 'values' lie in the fact that it is empathetic, we see news of animal abuse everyday.

I, for one, see cows walking in herds on roads- malnutritioned, their skins hanging on to their skeletons- picking through garbage and literally chewing polythene. Stray dogs roam around on streets, and one day, on my way to school, I saw a dog lying bleeding on the ground, its head a few inches away from its body and the worst part- people didn't even care. They were driving OVER that dog.Moreover, during winters, dogs have to dig up the ground and sleep curled up in the dust. I had written a complaint on the BMC portal too, but a week has passed and I have received no response from them.

"As per BMC norms, if stray cattle are found on streets, the cattle is impounded and kept for eight days. A fine of Rs 220 per day and for Rs 40 per day can be slapped on its owner. If the owner does not turn up, BMC sends it to a gaushala, said BMC official Vijay Tiwari.
However, three months after Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health identification (INAPH) was introduced in Bhopal, none of the cattle owners have been tracked. Sources said that data sharing between BMC and the animal husbandry department has never taken place. When contacted, BMC officials and staffers on the ground were not aware of INAPH android application."                       - TOI article, July 16, 2018.

I urge the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh to please look into this matter. Create safe and secure shelter homes for stray dogs, cats and cows to protect them from atrocities. This will also help prevent multiple cases of rabies that occur. It will be easier to sterilise animals, control their reproduction and will give them a chance to live a life not on the streets, picking through garbage, but live a life that they deserve. In addition to that, illiterate people from rural areas can be employed to look after these animals so that it is one step towards eliminating unemployment too. In 2014, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) announced to train stray dogs to work with police as guard dogs. The decision was applauded by many. This strategy can be used too to take care of these animals.

Let us not ruin these innocent animals' lives. Let's employ humanity.