PIPS & College ATD, should be held Accountable and it's education license must be REVOKED!

PIPS & College ATD, should be held Accountable and it's education license must be REVOKED!

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Educational Institutions, by definition provide the very basics of moral, ethical and behavioural foundations for young students to adapt and follow throughout their lives. However, PIPS & College Abbottabad has failed to adhere to such principles. The following  actions of the Institution, its staff and respective concerned individuals are in clear violation of the rule of law and beyond any moral or logical comprehension. A group of students had arrived to raise issues with the College Administration recent results by BISE Abbottabad and the school responded in the most absurd and criminal manner.

  • First and foremost to make this clear, I am not justifying the actions of the students but expressing my shock and horror at the response by the school administration.
  • A senior member of Administrative Staff (Colonel Babar) pulled out an assault rifle (AK-47) and a pistol to scare off the students instead of addressing their concerns .
  • Several live rounds were fired in a closed office, packed with students.
  • One student was severely injured after being hit with the pistol stock by Admin Officer (Colonel Babar).
  • The bullets nearly missed the students which would have resulted in a more serious loss of life.
  • The school was under usual proceedings with on-going classes of children as young as 3-5 years old, during this entire conflict concerning staff and students which is endangerment of life.
  •  Parents of the other regular students were not informed and classes were continued during this situation regardless of an imminent threat to the safety of students.
  • PIPS & College was also involved in a case back in May, 2012, where 3 members of staff were investigated for involuntary murder (Qatl-bis-sabab) of a seventh grader. 

The School is run by a staff of volatile individuals who are unable to demonstrate a moral, sane and responsible approach to student concerns. I am an Alumni of the Institution and currently two of my siblings are studying in this School (where the incident took place). I have always stood for the institution and played my part but I won't look the other way when the safety and fundamental rights of students are at stake.

so, I am calling for a shutdown of PIPS & College until proper justice and steps are taken to ensure quality education and safety of the students. And I need your support for this cause!

Please take the time to read, sign and share to spread this as much as possible so that proper action is taken and the school and its staff are held accountable.