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Stop the release of Dileep's movie Ramaleela

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Malayalam movie star Dileep is under investigation regarding alleged assault of a movie actress in Kerala. This news has shocked everybody who loves Malayalam cinema. Dileep is being charged for being part of the conspiracy.

At a time when we need to make sure that atrocities on women disappear, are we setting the right example by letting an alleged criminal's movie release in cinemas across the state. The right thing to do would be to delay the release until a judgement is passed or else we would be sending out the signal that such acts are okay and we can get away with it. This MUST NOT HAPPEN. It is time we put a strong statement that it is NOT OKAY to assault a women.

Kerala has a lot of things to be proud of  - literacy, female ratio, digital penetration and a lot more. Are the so called literate people in Kerala going to allow this to happen ? Are we building a community which is safe for women or are we only pretending to respect women in this country ?

We request the Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri Pinarayi Vijayan to take strong action and ensure we set the right example for our youth and our community at large. Please stop the release of the movie Ramaleela until a verdict is passed by the court.

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