Stop the Exam !! We Want to Learn But Don't Make Us Fail !!

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This letter is in reference to the 4th semester examinations announced to be conducted on 9th July 2020 by Christ Colllege, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, Kerala, India. In spite of petitions and complaints filed by students against the commencement of exams, the college have taken no steps to consider it. The calicut university have postponed the exams due to several complaints from the students, yet the college decided to conduct it on 9th July 2020.

The examination of final sem was conducted with lot of safety measures and precautions. However, Commencement of intermediate examination is noted as a negligence on part of the institution especially when the covid 19 rates are at its peak.

As per the guidelines issued by UGC, it is stated that the intermediate examinations shall commence after making a comprehensive assessment of the current status of the covid 19. Since the current status of covid is alarming in various parts of kerala, it is not feasible to conduct the examinations of 4th semester.

Many students who are residing near the borders of the district also find it difficult to commute to the examinations centers alloted by the college.

Also, the 5th semester online classes have commenced which makes it further difficult for us to concentrate on 4th semester examinations and this may cause a huge reduction in our pass percentage. Further postponement of the exams is likely to affect our 5th semester and the upcoming semesters, Hence, we request you to grade the marks on the basis of the previous semester examinations and internal assessments conducted or commence the exam once the covid 19 situation has been reduced.

Hence we are Requesting the concern authorities to pay attention to the matters stated above.