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Give us a Properly constructed & maintained roads atleast, Please...!!!!

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What Me & wife witnessed yesterday is something probably one won’t expected to see and never wanted to see again, An Accident. In Kochi, Kerala Two-wheeler commuters tried to divert from a pothole in the road and fell from bike and One Women lost her life ended up being inside the Bus. And, we could witness all the agony & pain of the survived husband and son.

So , guys … Here is my question.. who is responsible ?? the two wheeler commuters ?? or the Bus ??

No.. My answer is the Pothole and the shabby condition of the road. This is not a one-off incident that happened. This type of accidents did happen before and sadly continues to happen even now. We are happy to curse their fate and move on.

I personally see this as a murder where the culprits are the people who are responsible for construction and maintenance of roads in our state.  I am not a “sanghi” “congi” or “commi” or even “sudappi”, but let me be honest that most of the roads in Kerala are in worst condition even if its National/State highways. We can experience only narrow roads, full of potholes, roads which don’t even withstand a season. This is the situation for sometimes now and this happens with respective of whichever party is ruling whether it is LDF or UDF. And, the common man is not aware whether central government is giving amble fund or not. All movement were so kind enough for denotify the National/state highways to panchayat highways for re-opening the Bar. I am not against any decisions they took, but the decision to make a better road and providing a smooth public transport facility is seems to be in no hurry.

But, as a tax paying citizen, I guess the requirement of proper roads is a basic need in these times and I don’t seem government/Municipality/panchayat even caring for this. So, I guess we should tell  all MLAs/Concerned persons to travel to all the roads of their constituency and enjoy the pleasure trip. Sic.

The main objective of this petition is to construct/maintain proper roads which will withstand for sometime. Also, the officials should put up an enquiry for poor condition of roads which didn’t even withstand a season and making a probe and taking a stern action. Also, request the State/Central government to make a decision to care the people who voted for U. We deserve better, without any argument. Let the action speaks louder than your words. Its not a request, it’s a Demand.

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