Declare Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (Amma) illegal

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Respected Sir,

      Of late Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) has taken a very retrograde attitude towards women by giving back the membership to a person who has been accused of severe crimes against women. Such an act is insulting to survivors of assaults and womenhood and stringent action has to be taken against this. Movie industry which has a wide reach is not doing any good to the society by promoting this kind of compassion to offenders and cruelty towards women and victims. As members of the society we feel that this has to stop and no woman should suffer. This organisation which has been supporting cruelty towards women and has been behaving plainly male chauvanistically and disgracing the women of Kerala and India should be declared illegal and dissolved and strict action has to be taken against those who are supporting criminals and offenders and thus promoting violence and crimes especially against women. As such the movie industry is not promoting any gender equality in the movies they make. If the industry cannot promote any gender equality they should not atleast engage in offering support to offenders in crimes against women and show women who stand up against these crimes and offenses in a bad light and isolate and torture the victims of abuses. Kerala is a state which is supposed to be literate and educated. It is a major shame to the state that the famous movie industry of Malayalam is doing such shady things. The repurcussions of these actions being general public who blindly worship stars and movies will follow these and then further cause crimes and atrocities to women in the society. This trend has to be stopped from the beginning itself and such offenses from movie industry which is a widely accessed medium by the public should be taken seriously and appropriate actions must be taken agaisnt such offenses be it direct abuse of women or be it perpetrating criminal ideas like any abuser or offender can get away with whatever they do. 

      A concerned citizen.