We don't need Hartals any more in Kerala

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Definition of Hartal could be "a closure of Shops in solidarity with a protest or to show sorrow". But in Kerala, Hartal is a 'performance' of Goondaism by announcing parties & a complete shutdown to road traffic, state offices, Schools & workplaces. Though it is against the freedom of people to travel, do business, to study, to work, to avail basic services and many more, this act still continues in Kerala like a ritual. Political parties take their turns to announce Hartal causing distress to the public. Why not do some dharnas or Non-violent resistance, If the objective is to achieve public attention.

This is a petition to Chief Minister of Kerala & Leaders of major political parties in Kerala, to show the agony & opinion of people of Kerala in this matter & to let them all know that -

"We don't need Hartals any more in Kerala"