STOP needless waste & looting from forced mineral water sales at events!

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Chief Minister of Karnataka, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY MANDATE that EVERY EVENT ORGANISER IN KARNATAKA either permits visitors to CARRY THEIR OWN WATER or else PROVIDES THEM WITH FREE DRINKING WATER. This is critically needed to reduce unimaginable amounts of needless plastic bottle waste that every mega-event generates. Bottles reach drains, lakes, rivers/oceans with unreliable recycling or get burnt as mixed waste, with irreversible damage to our land, water & air.

Our demand from any event organiser is simple and reasonable: allow us to carry our own water. If you prevent that, then please give us safe free drinking water through large water dispensers with a zero waste footprint. (definitely no use of disposable plastic/thermocol/paper cups). Instead, people can use either:

1) their own cups (with #BYOCSelfie –BringYourOwnCup- now popular, carrying cups/bottles can become a habit) 

2) steel cups chained to the dispenser

3) their own hands to direct water to mouth

4) reusable cups/bottles made of steel/glass/ceramic that could be sold at the event and push the habit shift from disposables to reusables, also providing an event memento/branding opportunity.

The marginal cost of the free water (at Rs 2-3 per litre bulk rate) can be absorbed by ticket cost or expenses saved on waste-processing or by profits from reusable bottles/cups sales.

A perfect example of why this measure is urgently needed: at the Bryan Adams show (Ozone Urbana, Bengaluru on 13Oct18), own water was disallowed, forcing purchase of bottled water sold at Rs 100/- per litre, 5 times the MRP! Water further emptied into paper-cups generated double waste! Anywhere between 30-50,000 bottles AND 30-50,000+ paper cups were wasted, with hefty profits for organiser but zero concern for environment. Waste could have been ZERO with own water or free dispensed water.

Access to safe drinking water is a basic right declared by UN. Forcing people to spend Rs100 per litre violates that right, after denying water being carried in, besides generating needless waste. Let this disaster not be repeated at any event. Support our aim of eliminating wasted resources for one-time usage. Selling minimal bottled water as an option is okay, provided it is not the only option!

CM, please do what is right for the state. Mandate this immediate regulation that every event organiser MUST comply with: ALLOW OWN WATER OR PROVIDE FREE WATER. Please bring much-needed respite to our deteriorating environment with this simple measure before it is too late.

We also need your support, BBMP Commissioner Manjunatha Prasad, Dy Chief Minister Dr Parameshwara, Chief Secretary Vijay Bhaskar, Director – Directorate of Municipal Administration Shekarappa, Chairman KSPCB Lakshman. Please ensure this petition results in the necessary notification.

RESIDENTS, if you agree this trend of forced bottled water cannot continue, PLEASE SIGN & SUPPORT THIS PETITION to change how event organisers force visitors to generate needless waste and pay exorbitant amounts for drinking water. And share it with others whose support can help us get this implemented.

(Beautiful Bengaluru is a citizen initiative working for a clean, green, safe city and greener planet).

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