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Non-Kannadiga's out of job in Karnataka

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Today namma Bengaluru is filled with people from all over the world. It's a good thing that we are witnessing true "Unity in diversity" in Bengaluru. As as IT capital of India Bengaluru has given shelter to people regardless wherever they are originally from.

This petition is to those people who stay here and insult the tradition, language and ethnicity of Karnataka, this petition is to the people who behaves they are superior than Kannadiga's and other southern India.

We Kannadiga's love peace and I am sure there's no other place other than Karnataka where any outsider is accepted like their own. I am sure you might have come across people who converse in Hindi with Hindi speaking community, Tamil with Tamil Speaking community, same goes with Telugu, Malayalam or any other language. Our generosity is taken as granted actually.

I had got a call by mistake from a guy from Punjab, The question he asked for hilarious,he asked me why you guys don't speak Hindi!!!  I had to tell him in a hard way, i asked him why do we need Hindi first of all? He said Hindi is national language!! I had to tell him there's no national language in India. As we speak Kannada in our day to day life inside Karnataka we are happy with it. If people asks us to learn Hindi just because their incapability to learn new languages then they should be ashamed not us. I can show people in Bengal, Gujarat, Orissa, Kerala don't understand or speak Hindi but they are happily living and they don't need it.

People who wants do study 2 years in Germany learn German, in France learn French etc but who wants to reside in Bengaluru for lifetime can't learn Kannada!! We don't need people in Karnataka who insult us.

I am an Indian who values every language in India, Our ethnicity, our diversity, heritage everything should be protected. Give jobs to only who can converse in Kannada then automatically people will start learning Kannada on their own. Same thing goes to people who stay in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra/Telangana. Learn native language if not put them out of job no matter where is he from. I am sure people will oppose saying that people in army are from different places serving for nation, people from other states are making India to move forward. We agree to that to but remind you it's basic duty of every Indian to preserve our heritage too. Yes, we don't ask doctors where is he from when he is saying a life. But if he don't understand what a villager from remote village is saying then how can he know what's the villager is suffering from? Basic knowledge is required.

I urge CM of Karnataka and PM of Karnataka to make a mandate to people from outside Karnataka  who resides in Karnataka for more than 3 years in lifetime to have a basic knowledge of Kannada language. If they fail to get the basic knowledge then they shouldn't be allowed to work in Karnataka. This law can be applied to pan India. If people can learn foreign languages then they can surely learn Indian languages which is going to protect out heritage, culture and originality of our region.

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