lift the night traffic ban on NH-766 and  construct over-bridges in Forest area

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            The night traffic ban imposed by the Honorable High Court of Karnataka along the stretches that pass through the Bandipur National Nark on NH-766 (vide Order No. WP 17498/2009) has seriously and adversely affected the economic, healthcare, educational and agricultural sectors of Wayanad district.

                   The night travel ban has evoked an insecurity feeling and a sort of anti-environmental mindset among the people of the district. The Kutta - Gonikkuppa road which was suggested as the alternative to divert the night traffic of NH-766 also covers a stretch of 19 km through the Wayanad wild life sanctuary. In effect, the order of the Honorable Karnataka High Court has resulted in shifting the entire nighttraffic from the Bandipur National Park region to the Wayanad wild life sanctuary.The solution for the alleged problems resulting from the night traffic through the wild life sanctuary is construction of over-bridges and echo-bridges in the national park area.


        Therefore,  we most humbly request  your kindness to take immediate measures to lift the night trafficban on NH-766 and  initiate effective measures to construct over-bridges and echo-bridges on the NH-766 in the stretches that pass through the Bandipur National Park.