Good roads and street lights in our area

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 Request to construct proper road and install lighting for the safety of the citizens at Krishna Kuteer phase 2 road, Channasandra – Kadugodi.

We would like to bring to your kind notice the miserable condition of the pathway (as there are no roads) leading to our locality, Krishna Kuteer phase 2 road at Channasandra – Kadugodi. There is no proper asphalt on the road leading us to our society and nearby housing colonies; we just have a PATHWAY of red mud with countless potholes and crater.

With over 500 residents residing and using this PATHWAY at all times, travelling has become a nightmare and the health conditions of the residents have deteriorated over the last few years due to the dust pollution that’s created due to the traffic movement on this mud PATHWAY.

The PATHWAY is so bad, that during rains or with the slightest shower buses, scooters, cars and three-wheelers have a very difficult time to maneuver on this PATHWAY. There are no street light on this PATHWAY and travelling after sunset is a nightmare for residents, especially ladies who don’t find it safe to get out of their houses with the prevailing of this darkness.

This dark area of the PATHWAY with no streetlights has caused a spurt in the incidence of crime in our area. There are frequent incidents of chain snatching, drunken brawls, and consumption of illegal narcotics in the evening hours. The hooligans after committing crimes take advantage of the darkness and safely run away or park their stolen vehicles on these dark roads leading to our society. To add to our trouble there is a large number of stray dogs (over 25 no.) which is attracted to the garbage that lay accumulated as BBMP garbage collection team don’t collect the same on a regular basis.

In the month of October 2018, the residents gave a written complaint with signatures to the BBMP engineer, the authorities assured us of necessary action in the matter, but so far, all the assurances have remained mere assurances. The Mayor, through her Interview that was broadcasted on the 30th January 2019 in NEWS 9 news channel had promised action on this road the next day, which still remain to be actioned.

The residents who have not defaulted in paying all our municipality taxes on time are in deep distress and suffering at all times with the condition of the existing PATHWAY. We have repeatedly expressed our resentment through the media as well as through written complaints to the PWD but nothing have so far been done.

We request your intervention in this matter of concern without any further delay lest the anger of the public should explode.

Yours sincerely,
Residents of Krishna Kuteer phase 2 Road, Channasandra, Kadugodi