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The Made Snana ritual involves people from lower castes rolling on the leftovers of food eaten by upper castes. This inhuman ritual is being practised in many temples across Karnataka, despite protests from various quarters

Many social activists, progressive thinkers, political heads and religious heads have demanded the ritual be banned. The Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University, G. Rajashekar, Prof G K Govinda Rao have publicly condemned the ritual.

Activists protesting about this issue like K.S. Shivaramulu have been attacked and manhandled

We request the Chief Minister of Karnataka to immediately ban the ritual across the state

Letter to
Chief Minister of Karnataka
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Ban Made Snana Ritual

Made Snana is a practice that seriously undermines human dignity. The ritual is against the Constitutional and democratic principles.

Despite India having progressive legislations to curb the caste based discrimination, exclusion and violence, several of these denigrating practices still continue which are highly degrading and outrageous.

Arguments made by the Government saying that Made Snana could not be banned as it may affect public sentiment is a rather weak one.

History clearly shows us that Government has set a precedent by banning such social evils and rituals that encouraged discrimination and marginalisation of certain sections of the society and other cruel practices like animal sacrifice in temples.

K.S. Shivaramu, an activist, was assaulted on 30th November for protesting against the practise of this ritual, near Mangalore.

We demand from the Chief Minister that the ritual be banned immediately in all the temples across the state


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