To save the lives of thousand of farmers and lakhs of people in the south haryana

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Imagine your are compel to live without your facilities like your android ,laptop, your daily items etc . you are feeling life is waste now ,boring and take mentally stressed after imaging . now imagine you are compel to live without basic needs like WATER,FOOD,etc now you feeling horrible and cannot imagine this. OMG! you feel happy because it is only a imagination. it is imagination for you but it is the reality of a place where irrigation water not come last 25 years , drinking water is available sometimes after week or two weeks , people forget the real how to fill their fields with irrigation water and they are compel to leave their motherland for survival. 70 -80 % villagers are never seen water in irrigation canals in their life time. actually it is not a story it is the reality of lakhs of people and many villages including my village name as "ANDHOP" . We raise our voice from last two years via letters , printing and live media but nothing is happen in the direction of solution of this lakhs people live affecting problem. i can't understand why farmer is helpless or ignored in the india which is also known as the country of FARMERS. we only want to reach our voice to the government. spread this petition if you thing thats it really deserves it . thank you