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For the development and protection of Minority communities in Gujarat

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Honorable Chief Minister


Sub- Representation for the development and protection of Minority community

ResHonorable, for the above subject I like to know that the population of minorities in Gujarat is 11.5% (as per data of govt 2011) that include Muslims 9.7%, Jain 1.0%, Christian 0.5%, Buddh 0.1%, and others 0.1% . In the state like Gujarat 82.3% Muslim children take admission at Primary Schools this percentages decreases further reaching to Matriculation or Standard 10th and comes to 32.5% only. This is very serious situation.

Gujarat is witness of internal migration since years, due to riots and establishment of industries at large scale on the bank of the sea about 2 lac people have migrated and settled in the big cities. They are helpless to live their lives in the lack of minimum basic amenities to live and have to live in the slum areas. The most affected community is Muslim. As per Sacchar committee’s report Muslims as compared to others. According to Sacchar Committee average of organized and manufacturing sector is 21% and Muslims have average share of 13% only.   However, other communities of the country have share more than the average. In the field of self-employment Muslims share is 54% which is less than average of the country i.e.57%. In the informal occupation Muslims share is 23% while country’s rate is just above 17%. It is clear from these figures that Muslims are becoming victim of discrimination.     

After recommendation of Sacchar committee’s Minority Welfare Ministry was established by govt of India in 2006, the main object of it is to bring minorities of the country to main stream, therefore schemes for Scholarships, Talent Development, Wakf development, Prime Ministers 15 points program, assistance for preparation of Administrative Examinations etc. are launched. The implementation of Prime Ministers 15 points program is likely zero in Gujarat. In state no specific provision for minority made in the budget in Gujarat State.   

There are commissions established for preparation of strategies for redressal of grievances and development of deprived classes, groups like Women's Commission, Scheduled Caste Commission, Scheduled Tribe Commission, Commission for Other Backward castes and Commission for children Rights, Minority Commission etc.

In Gujarat we have no separate Ministry for Minority Affairs, no budget allocation for the upliftment of minorities in state budget, nor implementation of schemes by the Government of India. There is no grievances redressal mechanism for minorities in Gujarat in the form of a commission.

Considering all these our Demands are:

1-   Form port-folio/ministry for the welfare of minority in the state.

2-   Specific financial provisions should be made in the state budget for development of minorities.

3-   Open the Government Higher Secondary schools where the minorities are residing in considerable number.

4-   Recognize the Degree of Madarsa equivalent to the Gujarat Board.

5-   Form State Minority Commission and law should be passed in the State Assembly giving it constitutional standing.

6-   Special financial package should be given for development of minorities.

7-   Frame a Policy for rehabilitation of internal displaced persons by Natural disaster and Communal violence’s.

8-   Fully implementation of Prime ministers new 15 point program.

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