Stop using small bottled water in parties, festivals and picnics etc

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Bottled water is a grave threat to the health of the planet as well as people. 9 out of 10 bottled water lands up on the surface of the planet to remain there forever. In a city like Guwahati plastic from bottled water and carry bags have blocked rivers like Bharalu and other outlets for rain water causing heavy flooding every year. Plastic has been filling up our rivers, wetlands, empty fields, hills etc.

Instead of conscious reduction of single-use plastic we have been noticing an increase in plastic use. Off late we see in weddings, picnics, festivals etc people are either served or forced to buy bottled water.

This petition requests citizens and businesses to stop this very dangerous practice. It also requests concerned authorities to make policy decisions to stop such practice. This is a first step towards a healthier future for us and our children. Please sign this petition and pledge to stop using bottled water and plastic bags asap.