Use public infrastructure for state sponsored conferences

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In recent times Visakhapatnam has become the Epic center of all conferences, these are helping the City be in limelight.

All these conferences are AP state sponsored and majority of them take place in private hotels in Visakhapatnam.

By moving the conferences out to private facilities and spending public money to pay Private Hotels is not economical.

The conferences that are hosted in Private Hotels are creating major inconvinience to normal living in Visakhapatnam.

Millions of rupees are paid from tax payers money to these private hotels.

Visakhapatnam has Convension centres like in Andhra University which was used as a venue for these conferences previously. The location is very well planned and convinient to host large events. The cost of hosting the events will be substansially low as well as providing funds to the University  to promote the infrastructure.

By avoiding the usage of available infrastructure, State keeps losing money and citizens are being traumatized due to the traffic overheads and private players are pocketing the money.

We request state government to use available public infrastructure and save taxpayers money. 

Save Andhra Pradesh, Save Vizag, Save Public Infrastructure.