Help make Andhra Pradesh SSC exams free from malpractice

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Please eradicate the malpractices in SSC Exams. It is a known fact that copying has become a very common practice in the SSC Examinations conducted every year. This practice is happening with the knowledge of the invigilators and Incharge of the Exam center. Most of the invigilators turn a blind eye to the children who copy from fellow students. They even stoop to the level of saying the options in the Bit Paper out loud. All of this is done to just get a high pass percentage.A lot of officials are aware of it but they just act as if they know nothing of it.The inclusion of Internal Marks have only increased the practice, even the schools are resorting to awarding full marks to every student. The ones that are at loss mainly are the bright Students who have worked hard to get a good grade. They feel their hard work and dedication have become worthless as students with far less IQ than them are getting the same amount of marks that they have achieved. This should be stopped as it will lead to the overall degradation of Education system. Children are not showing any interest to learn as they know that they will get through the Exam no matter what.

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