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Andhra Pradesh is set to create a world record! But not a good one.Within the next decade alone, one single state of Andhra Pradesh will have carbon emissions equalling entire nations of Spain or Poland.

Aiming an unprecedented growth of 800% in power generation through coal, the state is gambling with its people’s health and natural resources. The coal fired power plants generating this power are highly polluting and have received environmental clearances on flawed grounds through corporate muscle.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. Most projects have received approval but have not been built already. We need to turn up the pressure on the state and central Governments to revoke permissions and put a moratorium on any more coal plants in Andhra Pradesh.  

We need to demand that a cumulative environmental impact assessment be performed on all proposed plants while considering people’s concerns. And simultaneously large investments should be made into alternative energy solutions like wind, solar and many more to bridge any power deficits. "

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Letter to
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Cheif Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Say no to thermal plants, coal. Think about solar and windmills.

A single Indian state is to build a new fleet of coal-power stations that could make it one of the world’s top 20 emitters of carbon emissions – on a par with countries such as Spain or Poland.

The proposed coal plants in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh are part of a wider Indian “coal rush” to bring power to the country’s hundreds of millions living without electricity. They face opposition from local people and environmental NGOs who warn of farmland being turned over to opencast mines and coasts being threatened with pollution from ports that will handle coal.

The epicenter is Andhra Pradesh which, with a population is 84.7 million people, is now expanding its power production by 800%. Seven major and more than 30 smaller coal-powered power stations are planned, together intended to have a capacity of 56GW. In comparison, the UK’s installed electricity capacity is 75GW, but is expected to rise to 100GW in the next two decades. The largest plant, expected to be opened in two years, will be the $4bn Krishnapatnam power station, India’s first “ultra-mega” class of coal-fired power station. With 4GW, capacity it will be one of the world’s 25 biggest electricity sources, capable of powering 7m middle-class homes.

But, say activists, the Indian coal rush is being met by opposition, deaths and violent repression. Local protesters in Andhra Pradesh say that the power will mostly be exported to large cities, heavy industry and neighboring states, while local people are left with a legacy of pollution and toxic dumps.

Separately, international watchdog groups also complained that Indian coal companies were trying to earn hundreds of millions of carbon credits from the coal expansion. The Krishnapatnam plant has been registered with the UN clean development mechanism (CDM) and, if approved, could generate 3.5m carbon credits a year.

I request everyone, if you feel indebted to every tree that contributes to our survival and responsible to every drop of water that quenches our thirst, let us bring awareness and shed the darkness of ignorance. Contribute some time from your day and sign the petition , let’s not hesitate to take the first step forward in bringing awareness that will enlighten the archaic who have turned a blind eye towards our environment and its protection. All it requires is a hand from you and believe me, at the end of it, you’ll feel responsible.

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