End Step-motherly Treatment to Guntur City! The HQ of Capital District!

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Guntur and Vijayawada are major Conurbations of Greenfield Capital City, Amaravati! One dominant by area and other by the population.

Despite that, the following are the aspects in which clear, conspicuous and systematic bias has been witnessed against Guntur City!

Guntur is not in context of state government's plans. Vijayawada comes into picture despite several studies ruling out favourable conditions for operation there. even by the theory, Hyperloop is for Vijayawada while Guntur remains sidelined in entirety!

Jnrum Buses and City Bus Depots:
Places in Guntur district are annexed to Vijayawada on paper and Jnrum funds have been procured to develop city bus infra structure in Vijayawada. Till date there is no proper city bus operation in Guntur City, nor there is a good city bus depot.




No visible efforts are made in the direction of developing the promised Tadikonda greenfield airport to serve all three cities Amaravati, Guntur and Vijayawada! Despite the knowledge that Gannavaram airport cannot be expanded to a big one, funds are being poured into its development! Not even a direct route to connect Guntur to Gannavaram via Kaja  is being constructed! Why should Gunturians be deprived of airport facility? If a Gunturian plans travel to Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam or Bengaluru, half the time of their travel (if by road) will be spent in crossing Vijayawada. So flying from Gannavaram is NOT an option. Rtaher he or she can invest in traveling to their destination side by road.

Under-Ground Drainage



Where has Rs. 1000 cr. that Centre has sanctioned for Guntur's UGD?!

Neighbouring Villages annexation:
While on one side villages of Guntur district are being annexed into Vijayawada urban agglomeration despite the opposition from people no efforts are being made to annex villages to GMC despite them being in extreme proximity!

No elected representative for Guntur's GMC:
Despite court's clearance for elections, elections are not being planned for GMC yet! Hence, Guntur's underground drainage funds are being rumored to be spent elsewhere! No new roads or flyovers are being built in the city for easing daily traffic congestion!

No good road from Hyderabad to Guntur while highway from Hyderabad to Vijayawada is being constantly upgraded!
Why should one travel to Vijayawada first if they need to travel by a good road? Are Gunturians second grade citizens of the state despite the city being in equi-advantage alike Vijayawada by geography?

SEED AXIS ROAD shows clear bias against Guntur!

There is an existent road from Guntur to Amaravathi from times Amaravathi hasn't been highlighted as capital. But ever since the capital location, that road is second grade to the seed-axis being grandly planned to connect the capitol location to ...
No prizes to guess the location!
See a mainstream news article clearly explaining the above.

No Police commissionerate to Guntur despite repeated promises!


Passport Seva Kendra, Customs commissionerate are being diverted from Guntur to Vijayawada. Is this NOT a step-motherly treatment to the Guntur City?


Tadikonda Lake Protection

While riverfront beautification has always been iteratively rendered to Krishna District side bank of the river, Guntur-side is always looked down! Even great water bodies like Tadikonda lake are never planned to be protected from encroachments, leave alone beautification.
The water crisis in city are only addressed on paper while the city constantly faces water deficiency!