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Safety threat of senior citizen in Kolkata laketown area under current administration.

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Respected Mamata Banerjee,

Chief Minister of West Bengal


This is  regarding to the burglary case, which was registered by FIR NO: 36/17 dated 21-02-2017 at Lake Town police station which is under the jurisdiction of MLA, Shree Sujit Basu.

Stolen Ornaments approx. 30 lakh and cash 2 lakh. We have receipts of all ornaments.

Lake Town Police Station In charge: Mr. Surajit Das, Mr. Surajit Halder is handling the case.

This is the first case of house breaking burglary in our area. it's very surprising that 7 months has passed after the reporting of the crime, still police is not getting any lead of the case. Based on all circumstantial evidence it's very clear that some known person of us  is related with the burglars,  I think no call activity of all suspects have been verified seriously including family members of that period(at least one week before and after the incident), else how this broad day light burglary case is still unsolved after 7 months?

If the incident happened in any VIP or MLA's house, it would have resolved immediately after the incident. Looks like willfully police and local administration neglecting the case, no serious investigation done.

Our parents are senior citizen, they are staying in that house alone. My father is eighty years old and unable to move and my mother is seventy years old. They are feeling very unsafe after that burglary. We are citizen who are regularly paying taxes and but still no security is available for our parents. They are living in panic.  Tomorrow burglars can kill them. We are really concerned about senior citizen's life safety under your administration. 

I have sent multiple fax, letters to you, and local MLA Mr. Sujit Bose, and regularly sending emails but I am not getting any response or fruitful progress of the investigation. Mr. Sujit Bose refused to receive the letter.

It looks like there is no law and order under current administration.

 I have lots of questions to you

1. What is my fundamental right?

2. Why after 7 months police or administration is not getting any lead or they willingly ignoring the case or intentionally suppressing the case?

3. What is the safety of senior citizen?

4. Why not police taking this case seriously after doing so many follow up to Mr. Surajit Haldar? also I have provided lot of information to him.

5. After 3 months Mr. Haldar came to our house and searched in our water tank without any search warrant, did he think burglars kept the jewelry and cash in water tank? What kind of investigation is he doing?

6. I think his questioning to all suspects were just a formality.

7. Can I conclude that our police investigation process is not worth neither we can trust on our police force for our safety?

8. Can MLA MR. Sujit Bose refuse to receive my letter instead of helping us?

9. My elder brother Parikshit Paul, who is a resident of Punjab, has sought information under RTI act 2005. Instead of supplying information sought information under RTI act 2005, the commissioner of police Bidhan Nagar asked him to attend a hearing at salt lake, on that date to attend the hearing My elder brother Parikshit Paul has gone from Bhaitnda to Calcutta on his own expense and at that hearing there was no fruitful outcome. So instead of doing proper investigation police is harassing my family member intentionally. So why My elder brother Parikshit Paul, who is an assistant professor is subjected to harassment?

10. Following complaints are also registered in DGP West Bengal's office for the same case but why no action has been taken till now?

31 & 32/11.04.17 

We have received letter from NHRC dated 16th may 2017, stating that the case need to resolve within 8 weeks and need to communicate to us but still the case is unresolved (attached NHRC letter)

It's very clear that as we don't have any political clout neither of our case is properly treated. So in interdependent India I and my family are treated like second class citizen, so where should we go for our safety? I think NABANNA is also not safe for us. What should we do? Should We go to Amenesty international for seeking shelter in other countries.

Due to this law less condition of our country our family is suffering. So where is democracy?

All the letters and complaints are forwarded to BIdhannagar Police commisionarate and subsequently to laketown police station, where we suspect the investigation is compromised or not done properly.

I am requesting you to pay attention on the case seriously and hand over the case to high authority for serious investigation and resolve the case as soon as possible, already 7 moths over. I will be highly too obliged for your kind attention for resolution of above mentioned matter.

Thanks & Regards,

Surajit Paul

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