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People getting injured and dying because of trees falling

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The Government urges the people to plant trees and people should be planting trees for better environment.

The problem arises when the tree becomes big and starts spreading. It needs trimming and may even have to be chopped if there is a danger of it falling.

A citizen has to approach the tree officer and make  application for trimming/chopping.he has to visit the ward office and also submit photos of trees and also asked to submit google maps showing location.

This application cannot be made online .After making a application for trimming of trees as usual there is no response.The applicant has to make numerous rounds. Generally there is no reply to the application. The tree officers are not on seat when one visits the office. As the case with most Municipal offices the staff never comes on time. We are told they are on round .They have long lunch hours which last for 2 hours.If you visit at that time you are asked to wait. Needless to say a citizen spend precious time making rounds of Tree Office.The whole system is designed so that a citizen becomes  tired and frustrated and gives up the matter. 


It has been noticed that the Tree Authority is just interested of not doing their job and just interested in harassing citizens who trim the the trees like in the case of Mr Gulzar in Bandra  and others,Hence the citizens are too scared even to touch a tree even if it poses danger to life and property

1)A email ID should be created where citizens can make applications online and there is no need to visit the Tree Office

2)A time bound schedule should be maintained to dispose the application.Say 5 working days.

3)All correspondence should be made via E-Mails at the option of Applicant.

3)If payments are required to be made for trimming  or chopping  they should have an option to make it online

4)In case a application is rejected the Tree Officer must  give reasons in the applicant and send it by E-Mail.

5)In case  of accidents where application for trimming or chopping tree was received and no action was taken by tree officer  and mishaps occurs  where a citizen loses life or  is injured the tree officer should be charged with CULPABLE HOMICIDE NOT AMOUNTING TO MURDER.

6) In case of trees falling which are on footpaths/public properties the tree officer should be held responsible.

7)In case of damage to property the tree authority must pay for the loss to the affected party from his own pocket

7) In case if application are regularly not disposed of and after giving due notice to Tree Officer he should be removed from the JOB.

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