Take Over Money Transactions of Pvt Schools/ Colleges

Take Over Money Transactions of Pvt Schools/ Colleges

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All India Private Colleges Employees Union started this petition to Shri. Shivraj Singh Chouhan Ji (Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh, India)


Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan Ji,
Honourable Chief Minister,
Government of Madhya Pradesh,
Bhopal, India.

Subject: Take Over Money Transactions of Pvt Schools/Colleges

Respected Sir,

Lakhs of people had affected and many of died due to pandemic COVID-19 disease and the state government of M.P under your leadership is taking serious measures to safeguard the people. We the teachers & employees in private sector (pvt schools & colleges) request for a G.O from government to ensure our families’ survival.

The central and state governments had ordered for proper payment of teacher salaries, and prohibited pvt schools/ colleges from demanding student fees until the #COVID19 lockdown exists. These actions from the governments are highly appreciable. The private schools/ colleges are seen misusing ‘teachers’ to gain a revenue during this COVID19 period. The pvt schools/ colleges say that only if the government pays the scholarship debts, or allow to collect fee, they could pay the teachers. This is completely absurd. Every trust is expected to invest its earnings accumulated in other areas, in to education. Education is a service and hence no trust could claim that they will pay salary to teachers only if government releases reimbursement amount. Education is not a business.

There is no mechanism with the government to ensure that the trusts/ societies truly pay the teachers salry, after receiving government reimbursements. Please do not accept to this basless claim from pvt trusts/ societies. We the teachers are working in private schools/ colleges. That does not exempt us from payment of fees for our children studying at pvt schools/ colleges. Every teacher & non-teaching staff pays exactly the same fees for his children just like others.

The pvt colleges/ schools are run in the name of charitable trusts/ societies. But in reality they are run by businessmen and politicians who are in no way related to academics. The trusts/ societies opt for tax exemption, and their accounts are always shown as no-profit/ no-loss. But in reality the accounts are forged. The Teachers’ salaries (& students’ fees) shown in accounts are manipulated. The difference between actual salary paid and salary shown in accounts are gained as black money. The same happens in student fee collection too. Since the Income tax department do not scruitiny the accounts of pvt schools/ colleges, this fraud becomes an easy job.

We have to ensure the government directions reach the public, and eliminate the private schools/ colleges from exploiting this lockdown situation. We have to stop them cheating using their forged accounts. For that, we request the government to take over the complete economic transactions related to student fee collection and staff salary payments, in all the pvt schools/ colleges, for the next complete academic year. The government bodies like the Revenue department/ The Higher education department/ school education department could easily manage this task for the next academic year. The result would be benefiting the public at large, and reduce the need for government’s relief to public to almost 15%. Kindly release a G.O in this effect.

Yours faithfully,
A Teachers’ representative
(Anonymous to avoid threats from pvt schools/ colleges)

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!