Make Douglas High Street A Smoke Free Zone

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Kevin Oliphant-Smith
Kevin Oliphant-Smith signed this petition

This petition is to support the introduction of Douglas High Street becoming a smoke free zone, To confirm this would be from Castle Street to Duke Street.

This is a very busy crowded public shopping area all throughout the year, Filled with both residents, visitors and workers.

It consists of people of all ages and those with a variety of health conditions and disabilities. 

When persons are smoking or vaping while walking down this busy populated street, Clouds of smoke or vape are trailing behind these people for all high street users to breath in.

I would suggest that it is wrong for people who do not wish to inhale hazardous toxins in the air to be subjected to this while trying to go about their daily shopping.

This is a highly built up busy populated area and as such contributes to negative public health effects.

Mostly vulnerable are: young children, Those who suffer with asthma or upper respiratory problems including copd.

Most of all it just isnt nice to get a face full of smoke or vaper while walking down the street.

I am proposing that the Isle Of Man Government bring in a smoke free zone within this busy shopping district, I am hopeful that Douglas Council will also support this.

If you agree that Douglas high street should be smoke free and to the introduction of a smoke free zone in this area,  Please consider signing this petition.