Restoration of Old Pension Scheme in Himachal Pradesh

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The Chief Minister,

Himachal Pradesh.

Subject: “Restoration of Old Pension Scheme”

The NPS Employees Federation starts this petition due to the following issues to be resolved with the restoration of OLD PENSION SCHEME:

1.       New Pension Scheme is a sweet poison which is being distributed by the government by discontinuing the Old Pension Scheme. The adverse consequences of the scheme had been started surfacing in the state. The gift of six hundred rupees to five thousand and one hundred rupees is being received by a retired peon and a college lecturer (known as assistant professor) respectively. This gift is said to be New Pension Scheme with which no employee could purchase the essential utility items like a pant and a shirt. What a misfortune for the government employees during their old age?

2.       On the retirement the employees are getting only 60% of Contributed Provident Fund (CPF) and the remaining 40% is deposited with the NSDL which they never get what so ever may be the reasons for getting it.

3.       The government started New Pension scheme by replacing Old Pension scheme. This New Pension Scheme is a curse on the government employees. The employees were not fully conversant with the new scheme regarding its aftermaths at the time of its implementation  therefore no or little resistance was shown by them against the introduction of New Pension Scheme. Here it is worthwhile to mention that three of the states continued the Old Pension Scheme for their employees therefore It is not a difficult task for your government to restore the Old Pension Scheme.

4.       If the scenario of New Pension Scheme is carried forward this way for long it will also deteriorate the culture of the state as the culture of the state is also associated with the government employees who are directly or indirectly contributing towards the preservation and propagation of culture.  It will be like: no root, no fruit which could be dangerous for the state as well.

5.       NPS is different from what is being projected out. Today in Himachal Pradesh there are 80000 government employees which are under NPS. With your commendable effort of regularization with the completion of three years the number would increase to 88000. On 30th September, 2017 there will be more increase of 12000 in number and the number would touch the figure of one lakh which is substantially significant for the political change in Himachal Pradesh. Therefore this matter should be resolved on the basis of priority.

6.       Nothing sort of compensation is being provided during the death of a government employees on service under the provision of New Pension Scheme. Therefore it is obvious for the employees to raise their voice.

7.       State pensions, that is to say, pensions payable by the State or out of the Consolidated Fund of the State are accommodated under the state list in Indian Constitution, hence you are the sole authority to restore the Old pension scheme in Himachal Pradesh. 


Rajinder Kumar Swadeshi

NPS Employees Federation,

President, Sujanpur