Rein in the Private school managements to regulate their fee structure.

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Many of the  private educational institutions in Karnataka have become completely commercialized and are exploiting the Parents in the name of education. They do not follow the regulatory guidelines given by the state educational department or ICSE board or CBSE boards to which they are affiliated to when it comes to fee structure, Sale of books,  uniforms, etc.  While the regulation says that the annual increase of school fees cannot more than 15%, many private schools openly flout rules and increase the total fees beyond approved levels.  When the Supreme Court has ordered that School books and uniforms cannot be sold by the school management,  many schools indirectly sell them at exhorbidant rates through illegal vendors controlled by school management. Some schools go overboard on this and change the curriculum without consulting or communicating with parents in advance. This comes as a major challenge for parents who have a transferable job. The other grievance is that the schools collect huge donations at time of at time of admission which is non refundable if the parent finds the school unsatisfactory and wish to change the school.  This should made refundable in case the schools take ad-hoc changes like change of curriculum without intimation. 

I request the respected Chief minister of karnataka to look into this grievance of crores of parents, who silently suffer these harassment every year and ask the concerned department to pull up the school managements which are found flouting the rules. The recent complaints by parents of Baldwin's group of institution to DERA,  Child rights commission and ICSE board is one such case. There are many other schools who indulge in such unfair practices exploiting crores of innocent parents and draining their hard earned money without self conscience. It is now very unbecoming of  education institutions which are considered as temple of learning to indulge in irregularities and still go ahead to teach good morals to our kids.  Kindly address this grievance which will help crores of  parents see higher education as an affordable right rather than seeing it as a luxury or burden to manage.