Amjad Bhatti journalist is being victimised by local MPA in Pakistan

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Mr.Ajad Hussain Bhatti is reporter of daily Express from Kala shah kakoo Punjab Pakistan.He published some stories against local MPA Mr.Khurram Ijaz Chatta affiliated with Government party. After publishing of stories mentioned above journalist was threatened after it several false cases has been registered against him.He is being victimised by local MPA and concerned Police officers are not going to protect innocent journalist. According to Amnesty International Pakistan is top level country where journalists are not secure and protected. Mentioned journalist has given his vedio statement He is crying for justice .As per his statement he has six kids they are shelter less and also need PROTECTION .Human Rights Protection Foundation Pakistan requests chief Minister Punjab to take keen and kind interest in this matter and innocent journalist may kindly be released from jail and ensure his PROTECTION .