Cancellation of final year exams as the risk of Covid 19 spread have increased.

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Keeping in mind the day by day increasing rates of infection and COVID19 spread among people of the country with more than 2,76,000 cases have increased our concerns which is organic at this current situation.

Education is and have always been an important part of every student's life if situations would be favourable, we would have and could have given the examination earlier on time but considering the worsening Panademic situation now, it'll be an illogical and inappropriate decision to take exam. Panademic is similar for all, we all are equally at risk of getting infection. We are already giving life's most difficult exam that is fighting for our survival and taking matter in serious terms, final semester or final year students have already proved themselves in the previous semesters and years as a student well enough to grant change in assessment of passing exams which can be based on Internal Assignments, Projects, Presentations and Webinar's etc.

Almost 90% of the students in each University of Chhattisgarh have submitted their Assignments and Projects, which we as a student feel enough for evaluation and preparing our marksheets.This Panademic have already kept us away from the things we need as a Human being : Family, Community and Education. So, We also demand our Government and Education Ministry to provide us with quick response and start actioning on our marksheets as all of us will be searching for a job opportunity as well as for competitive exams after this Global Crisis ends.

If you agree with this description above, Please support us in helping the cancellation of the Exams of final semester/Year.