Save 1,961 Trees and Our Future; Right to Healthy Life Violated

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Save 1,961 Trees and Our Future; Right to Healthy Life Violated

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Shobhit Chauhan started this petition to Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister of Delhi) and

Delhi - as we know is already sitting a  hot fire ball when it comes to pollution and environment. Everyday, there are media reports highlighting the rising levels of pollution all across the city. 

As per a report of the World Health Organisation, Delhi was the 11th most polluted city in the world! It is our National Capital City!!! 

The Honorable Supreme Court had comprehended the Right to Clean Environment as a Right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. But are we getting this Right of ours? Are we able to even breathe freely in today's environment in our city? Answer is, absolutely NOT! We are chocking of pollution. 

Courts are trying their best to intervene and get the government to work but the government doesn't seem to care at all. Governments are just concerned about more and more construction and materialistic facilities to more and more people. 

In such a grave situation, the Secretary - Environment and Forests, Delhi Govt has issued an Extra-Ordinary Gazette Notification allowing the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation to cut One Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty One (1961) fully grown trees from Sector 25, Dwarka, New Delhi for Construction of International Exhibition cum Convention Centre. 

This said notification has been issued so as to facilitate the department in not following the permission procedure involved in the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994. This is shocking. When a law is in place to protect trees, Delhi Government is helping Govt Departments over-ride by using their powers in the Act in the garb of Public Interest. Our Government and Officials have to failed to appreciate that in current time, actual Public Interest is protection of environment before anything else and bat for Sustainable Development. 

Also, as per the said notification - compensatory plantation for the trees cut in Dwarka, New Delhi will be done more than 30 KMs away near Yamuna Bank Flood Plains!!! This is a shocker from the Government. Will the benefits of plantation done more than 30 KMs reach Dwarka from where these trees are being cut? Why no compensatory plantation in Dwarka itself? 

Through this petition, we propose the following:

1. An immediate stay on cutting of the said 1,961 Trees in Dwarka, New Delhi

2. A complete review of the project so as to analyse how many trees can be saved by little change in the plan or to see if the fully grown trees can be implemented in the project itself

3. A scientific analysis by the Forest Department, Delhi to understand as to how many trees out of these 1,961 can be transplanted nearby without actually cutting them off

4. Compensatory plantation to be done before cutting the trees and be done within Dwarka. 

We want the governments to take environment more seriously and try to understand, practically, the long term impacts of their seemingly simple actions. Request the governments to not act as a robot filling papers. Governments should have a heart for the people in their city and country. How can you let people die of man-made pollution? 


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This petition had 3,937 supporters

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