CATTLE in DEPLORABLE Condition- ILLEGAL DAIRIES running undeterred in Delhi

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It is too heart wrenching to witness the deplorable condition of cattle in the illegal running dairies of National Capital Delhi under the nose of the authorities.

3 prominent dairies in the capital -Masoodpur Dairy Vasant Kunj, Goyala Dairy Shyam Vihar Nazafgarh and Kotla Dairy Sewa Nagar,where cows,calves and buffaloes are kept in pitiable conditions like open drainage where they drink that drain water or they are kept in dirty underground close space where cattle are living without sunlight for years and so on..

The only NGO Gau Gyan Foundation is working on the ground to save these cattle from the menace ,they have filed multiple complaints in the police and MCD but no action has been initiated by either of them.This is really a sorry state where Police, MCD and Govt no one is discharging their duties.

It is not just unfortunate that the two premier agencies of the capital are just passing the buck but it also amounts to the contempt of the high court order.

  1. All these dairies are unbelievable unhygienic. It is impossible to stand inside these places for any length of time. In Kotla diary cows can be found drinking drainage water. This is not just a violation of article 51A-G of the constitution but also of article 21 which states that all life forms have the right to live life with dignity.
  2. Use of Oxycontin to increase milk production is prevalent rampantly. Even though selling and administrating oxytocin is a cognisable offence under the Prevention to Cruelty to animals Act(PCA) 1960 Sec 12, punishable offence under PCA 1960 section 3 and section 11, violation of Drug act, along with it being a crime under IPC 188 and IPC 120b none of this is being checked.
  3. All these dairies leave their cattle and animals in the open to eat food for themselves and they invariable eat plastic at local garbage dumps. The ill effects of eating plastic on the health of the milch animal and also on the people who drink this milk is very well documented. It is highly toxic and has many side effects of people, especially kids. These animals roaming on the street are also prone to accidents and it is a huge safety issue.​ Hon'ble High court of Delhi in its judgement has clearly mentioned that prosecutions should be launched under Section 98 of the Delhi Police Act, 1978 and Section 289 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 against the owners of any cattle and bovine animals which are found on the streets and roads.
  4. In none of these dairies we saw the presence of any male calves. When we enquired about absence of these male calves, we were told, they all died. In Goyla dairy we were told, that male calves have bad luck so they died, while the female calves owing to their superior luck survived!We suspect that these guys either kill the male calves deliberately or leave them to roam on the streets, where they meet with accidents and eventually die. ​Missing male calves is a matter of serious concern and amounts to a crime under section 429 of IPC. This warrants a through investigation.​

Appeal of our Hon Prime Minister and also an appeal to your humanity that we request you to please direct the concerned authorities to take action against these illegal dairies. Not only should these illegal dairies be closed, the people running them be booked under IPC, they should also be booked for acting cruelly towards the animals under the Prevention of cruelty act 1960 and any other relevant laws.

Kindly support this petition to save these poor cattle from deplorable condition and innocent people from consuming this poisonous milk.