बिहार के बंद पड़े चीनी मीलों को पुनः चालू करें:Re start all the closed sugar mills of Bihar

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युवाओं को काम और किसानों को दाम के लिए बंद पड़े चीनी मीलों को चालू होना अत्यंत आवश्यक है .

====Industry Hai to Income Hai======

The sugar industry is an important component of agro-based industry in Bihar, providing direct employment in the producing units and indirect employment through its ancillaries and associated activities. The total cultivable land in the state is around 53 lakh hectares, of which almost 3 lakh hectares is under sugarcane. The total production of sugarcane was 15499 thousand tonnes in 2014-15, recording of an average productivity of 60.94 tonnes/hectare.

Almost all districts of Bihar cultivate sugarcane but the farmers are not able to monetize their products as sugar mills located near them are closed. West Champaran and East Champaran are the lead districts considering the share of area and production of sugarcane. In terms of productivity, the lead districts are — East Champaran, Nalanda and Jehanabad.

But the most unfortunate fact that continues to haunt the farmers of Bihar is crushing capacity has reduced exponentially over the years due to closure of sugar mills all across Bihar. 

It is the need of the hour that all of us join together and demand re opening/reviving of closed sugar mills all across Bihar including one at Warisaliganj, Nawada.