Ban OWL massacre on DIWALI for Luck

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OWLS massacre takes place every DIWALI in Meerut/Nainital (UP) to receive 'PROSPERITY & GOOD FORTUNE". 

There are 30 owl species to be found in India and most of them are in the Red List of threatened or endangered species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act. There is a sharp spike in their capture and trade during the Diwali season. The birds are subjected to brutal deaths through black magic rituals. The price of an owl ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 50,000 for larger species. The most prized are the rock eagle owl, dusky eagle owl and brown fish owl. 

The most common way of trapping owls is the latex and bamboo stick and is slowly moved towards the roosting owl perched on trees during daytime. The bird gets stuck to the twig and is pulled down. Then there is the ‘takkva’ method in which a long needle is thrust at the bird, frequently killing it.

Come lets STOP this cruelty and save the OWLS this Diwali.