Justice for our Community

Justice for our Community

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Chief Magistrate Rockingham WA & Honourable Judge Quail Perth WA

Why this petition matters

Started by Debra Millard

We, the citizens of Kwinana and surrounds, Rockingham and surrounds, Warnbro & surrounds, wish to request in kind that the Magistrate presiding over the court matters yet to be heard in the Childrens court, Rockingham WA in the very near future regarding the 3 boys that have terrorised our community for a lengthy period of time, finally ending in their arrest this week will be detained in custody for a period of time suitable for these children to be made to understand the severity of their crimes and the impact they have had on so many of the citizens of these areas they have committed their crimes in.

We would also like to request that during the period of detention that these children are given, that they are given every tool possible to de-brief them from the life as they have chosen to live to date to one where they choose to have a different mindset through guidance and counselling to give them the want to come back into the community as a young person with better direction and purpose in their lives. 

This is not an easy fix. This takes time and we as a community believe these children need time in detention to learn, heal and have the want to make change.

On behalf of myself, Debra Millard and the concerned citizens I am speaking on behalf of, thankyou for taking the time to include us in your decision making and we trust the best outcome will be made for all concerned. 

Yours faithfully.

Debra Millard.





947 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!