Ban post poll alliances

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The Chief Justice,
Supreme Court of India,
New Delhi

Honourable Sir,
I, the common citizen of India and a diligent voter, am extremely pained to see the vulgar dance of democracy happening in the state of Maharashtra since more than a month now. I dont think there is any need to elaborate on the developments which have taken place post the assembly election results.
I have a few basic points to make
1. As a voter do I have an absolute right to know, BEFORE I CAST MY 'PRECIOUS' VOTE, which parties have agreed on forming an alliance and thus the government if they secure a majority. If so, then why dont I have the right to change my vote if these parties even after securing majority, decide to go their separate ways for whatever reason?
2. If a party which I voted for decides to go for an unholy post poll alliance.....something I was not informed of earlier, can I change my vote?
3. Many professionals are held responsible, even negligent if they do not disclose the full details to their customer/consumer/client.....then why not the political parties?

There seems to be only one way to stop this nonsense.

Post poll alliances should be banned. It will at once eliminate horse trading and significantly curtail corrupt practices of political parties.
Also parties going for pre poll alliance should be made to furnish an affidavit to the election commission about the terms and conditions which they have agreed upon so that they can be made to adhere to them in letter and spirit.

I do not know whether this letter would reach you.....I hope it does. I also do not know whether judiciary can help in this regard but you seem to be the only hope of a common citizen. We can't expect political parties to bring in such a fact they would be United as never before to oppose it tooth and nail. Also the Election commission of India is a toothless tiger at best and doesn't seem to have the power to get this done.

Warm Regards

Dr Atul Joshi