Unfair Admission Policy of Pakistan Medical Universities

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In light of the recent policy of all medical universities (both public and private) having a uniform admission policy, we want to highlight the unfair advantage that the inter students have over A Level students.

It has been announced that the one test will be conducted by the NTS. This, obviously, means that the test will be based on the Inter/ Fsc syllabus. As you all probably know, the inter and A Level syllabi are extremely different in their approach to different topics. This test aims to be uniform but how will it attain that status while putting the A Level students at a severe disadvantage?

Private medical universities always conduct their own tests which are derived from the A Level, SAT and Inter syllabi. This allows A Level students to clear the test with a reasonable merit. This is the reason we prefer private medical universities to government ones because in those, our chances of getting in are extremely low. Our equivalency is made in such a way that our marks are cut off so as to fill in the gap between the two boards (inter and A Levels).

If the uniform test takes place, inter students will definitely have a better chance of scoring higher than A Level students because they have studied that exact syllabus for two years whereas, A Level students will be completing it in around two months. We are used to a completely different system and expecting us to adapt ourselves with the norms of the Fsc system in such a short time is highly discriminatory.

The entire admissions cycle of this year is disorganised and confusing. This policy should be implemented from next year and a clearer picture of what lies ahead should be articulated to the prospective students as soon as possible. We have been waiting for quite long now and our future is at stake. If we had known about this policy beforehand, we would have opted for inter instead of A Levels as that is clearly the only way to get into a good medical university in Pakistan. Please consider the inequitable nature of this entire situation and the drawbacks it holds for A level students.

Thank you.

-Eeshah Nasir