Facing from 2006: Assault from Microwave Weapons, Remote Neural Monitoring at Chennai

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to bring to the attention of the Honorable Supreme Court of India, Honorable Prime Minister of India and our fellow citizens that strict regulations are needed to stop electronic harassment and gang-stalking within India.

We are a middle class Brahmin family of 3 Targeted Individuals at Chennai - myself (petitioner), my widowed mother and younger, married sister. In my family's presence but unknown to them, personally I have been harassed with Remote Neural Monitoring Technology, Directed Energy Weapons and Covert Gangstalking since 2006.

Am a graduate of IIT-MADRAS, who, after a few years in industry in USA decided to walk the more saner and sustainable path to serve the not-for-profit NGO-type institutions than a regular corporate career track. I have been a victim of a social conspiracy (since 2006 when it was revealed by the organizers) to discredit me, subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring devices (in progress as am writing now as well), street theater, (children inclusive) strangers grouping in gangs hurling carefully coached verbal abuses, besides a 24x7 team of stalkers in our apartment building and adjoining flat to monitor and influence the rest of our family stakeholders (sister, mother and relations). 

Ever since I returned to settle back in India from America in 2002, a blackmark seemed to have been prepared in government records with some falsified justifications to continue this harassment indefinitely, it appears. Communities including workplaces, temples, hospitals, roads, etc. had been coached and prepared in advance to harass me wherever i go. Besides this, at home or wherever i stay for a longer time,  microwave-based directed energy weapons (DEW) has been used, 24X7 verbal abuses all around me, headaches, fatigue from brain zapping devices using these DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS, intense pain in stomach, blurred vision have made my physical health weak.

Despite these obstacles, I have worked with a few social welfare and environmental NGOs as Writer/Researcher for them. I had to resign from many jobs - just due to the harassment around me. Family and well-wishers are puzzled why i could not maintain any jobs for longer durations and silently question my sanity and committment to society at times. 

Addedto this was my prospects for marriage, (which my family still wishes at age of 46). What can I really tell my family or prospective  parents of marriage alliances? - none of this is really believable -  so you can imagine all that I have gone through these 12 years.

I request you to kindly track all possessors of such Remote Neural Monitoring devices and Directed Energy Weapons in India and enact laws to stop this inhuman menace that destroys the dignity of living a decent, safe life - not only for myself alone, but also the fates of crores of unsuspecting women and gullible innocent children are at stake. As in USA, Directed Energy Weapons are being pushed through the Defense budgets - but illegal use of Microwave-based Weapons are very much in private use Now by the agents of the New World Order within India - a network of global financial elites aiming to recreate a single global dictatorship.

In various Petition Updates, I have described the cruel, machine-like techniques followed by the organizers, internet resources, copy of email to CBI, India showing that this is a threat to Human Rights and to government classified secrets as well. 

K. Bharath Kumar (Age 46), Chennai 

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