Board of Intermediate of Telangana is a Failure; Students Dying, Parents Crying, Cheated !

Board of Intermediate of Telangana is a Failure; Students Dying, Parents Crying, Cheated !

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Vijay Gopal started this petition to chief justice of telangana (High Court of Judicature of Telangana)


That the brief facts leading to the rise of the present case are enumerated hereunder

 4.1. Tuition Fee for Intermediate Colleges:

a.   On 24th May 2013 the government of the then Andhra Pradesh released a notification Rc. No. IA-1/932/2011 in which the tuition fee chargeable by the private, aided & co-operative Junior Colleges in the state in which the tuition fee is mentioned as follows:

 b.   The same was also confirmed through the RTI application if the tuition fee has every changed and what the current academic year 2018-2019 tuition fee in intermediate colleges can collect. The RTI was responded to by the Board of Intermediate through registered post letter Rc.No.90/1st appellate authority/RTI/2018/, dated 06th July 2018 and confirmed that the aforementioned tuition is still continuing. Yet we have thousands of colleges operating in the state who are operating and collecting tuition fee from the parents ranging from 80 thousand to 1.25 lakhs per annum illegally. 

4.2. Unauthorized Talent Hunt Exams:

a. Section 7 of The Telangana State Public (Prevention of Malpractices and Unfair (Means)) Act, 1997 states as follows:

 “Section 7. No person connected with an educational institution or a tutorial institution shall offer or promise any guarantee of performance or success at a public examination in advance as an inducement for, admission into such educational institution or tutorial institution.”

 Yet, we have thousands of such colleges conducting talent hunt exams which are conducting talent hunt exams charging 200/- INR per students which is usually participated in by hundreds of students at the college and has become a revenue generation model for the college authorities. If the students study at our centre, college or tutorial, then the candidates will surely become an IAS/IPS, etc is an inducement the colleges are making. U/s 8 of the same act minimum 3 years of imprisonment which shall be up to 7 years.

4.3. Unauthorized Courses (IIIT, NEET, EAMCET Coaching, etc):

a.   Through the RTI application to the “Board of Intermediate” of Telangana State it has been confirmed that the intermediate colleges affiliated to the Board of Intermediate of Telangana are not authorized to conduct any such courses that are not recognized by the board of intermediate or anything other than what the college has procured an affiliation with. Yet, practically every college is offering packages of courses and looting lacs of rupees from the parents by including the courses along with the Intermediate courses (ex: MPC+EAMCET, CEC+IIIT, etc) and inducing the parents off of their ignorance and cheating them. If they are not authorized to conduct any other course other than what has been permitted to them by the “Board of Intermediate” of Telangana. This must be strictly prohibited and a significant financial penalty must be levied on the colleges and BIE officials for failing to do their job and effectively implementing the norms, provisions, guideline and G.O’s. issued in the interest of the students.

 4.4. Running the Colleges beyond permissible Time limits:

a.   Right to life and liberty are important for human dignity and are also the elements guaranteed by the “Constitution of India” for every citizens. Yet, the intermediate colleges in the state have turned worse than poultry farms trying to generate the rankers, toppers and increase their own fame and the parents are equally responsible for this atrocities in the state. The “Board of Intermediate” of TS has confirmed that junior colleges (irrespective of Residential or Days Scholars) are allowed to operate only from 9:30 am IST to 4:30 pm IST. Annexure 2 serial # 14.

b.    According to the state government figures during 2017-18 academic year more than 150 students across educational institutions in Hyderabad and elsewhere districts have committed suicide, with the Hyderabad City alone recording more than 30 suicides. During the academic year 2018-19 alone we have had more than 15 suicides reported in Hyderabad.

c.   In November 2017 the “Board” has issued direction to all the intermediate colleges that the colleges be operated only between 9:30am to 4:30 pm IST, Games & Sports were to be made compulsory, Meditation & Yoga to be included in the daily schedule, The managements are also required to employ professional councilors as per the notification yet none of these are being incorporated or practiced by any college.  

4.4. Only 88 Students per Section allowed:

a. The Board of Intermediate released on 18th May 2018 with the Rc. No. 109/E2-3/2018-19 confirming the maximum people/section allowed, Seats to be reserved for SC & STs. Etc. In this circular it was made clear under serial # 5 it is clear that the college can have only 88 students per section and not allowed to have more than that. In serial # 2 of the same circular the seats that are required to be reserved for the ST, SC, BC, etc. is also mentioned; yet the colleges are not adhering to it and there is no enforcement or vigilance wing within the Board of Intermediate which is leading to ineffective implementation of the laws and also failure of justice to the backward class students who otherwise are unable to afford a decent education for themselves. 

Issues Related to the Staff in Colleges:

4.6. Maintenance of Register and Powers & Duties of Inspectors:

a. Section 68 of Shops & Establishment Act 1988 and the Rule 29 of Shops & Establishment Rule 1990 maintain registers i.e. under Rule 29 (1) for employment, 29 (2) Payment of Wages, 29 (3) Holiday List Register, 29 (6) Leave Register, etc. The said laws are applicable for the teachers/lecturers/professors etc. of the colleges, yet the college management have their own leave policies which are depriving the staff of the college the basic rights to leave.

 4.7. Expecting Employee to be available during Weekly off on Social Meida (Whatsapp gropus), expecting response to emails etc.

The employers are expecting the employees to be available on social media groups to address the issues that may crop up and call the employees during their week off’s and violating the privacy of the employees by cutting in to their private time off.

This non sense has to stop in the state and enforcement agencies must do their job. 

please sign this petition asking the chief justice of telangana to prosecute the Principal Secretary of Education Department for failing to do his job.


Vijay Gopal

President: Forum Against Corruption, Hyderabad, TS.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!