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Stop Pensions for Parliamentarians

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About 33 % of our Parliamentarians have criminal cases against them and yet they are able to make laws which benefit them. They win elections by hook or by crook, mainly by crook by threatening or bribing voters, booth capturing, EVM manipulating and other unfair means. Yet they have the gall to reward themselves with pension for life and other perks after just being parliamentarians for just one term of 5 years.Hearing a plea on cancellation pension and other perks the Supreme Court has sent a notice to the government and poll panel for their comments. The Lok Sabha MPs have taken objection to the notice, claiming that Parliament is Supreme.We agree that Parliament is supreme but not the present parliament which has 33% people of criminal antecedents. Let us, the people of India send a message to our parliamentarians that we the people of India are supreme and we do not agree with their rewarding themselves with taxpayer's money with these perks until they die.

Let us send a message of support to the Chief Justice of India that we agree with them to curtail these perks with which the Parliamentarians are selfishly rewarding themselves when 21.2% of our population are living below the BPL.

Let us send a message to all our legislators, that they cannot do what they want.

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