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Honourable Chief Justice of India,

I have been continuously pleading before his lordship for making the judiciary a corruption free system to safeguard the integrity of the Apex Court and Indian Judiciary. Here I am laying following few points for your kind perusal and favourable action.

  1. That, I have sent one Regd. Post Letter Petition dated 24.09.2016,  First Reminder dated 18.11. 2016 to Former CJI Shri Justice T.S.Thakur (Copy to you and other two judges of Collegium System) the Second Reminder dated 05.01.2017 & Third Reminder dated 20.02.2017 to you mentioning the fraudulent act of a sitting Judge JUSTICE DIPAK MISHRA alias Deepak Mishra as he had committed fraud by acquiring Two Acres of government land  (Plot No. 34/1966, Khatiyan No. 326/24, in Mouja- Bidyadharpur, District- Cuttack, Orissa) on Dt: 30.11.1979 by providing false and misleading information in the Lease Application and Affidavit dated 19.09.1979 to the concerned Orissa Government Authority and even after the lease of the land was cancelled by the Additional District Magistrate in the order dated 11.02.1985 (Lease Revision Case No. 238 of 1984). Justice Dipak Mishra was in possession of the said land till 06.01.2012.
  2. That, the Petition dated 24.09. 2016, the First Reminder dated 18.11. 2016, the Second reminder dated 05.01.2017 & the Third Reminder dated 20.02.2017 were delivered by the Indian Postal Department in Honourable Supreme Court of India on 27.09. 2016, 21.11. 2016, 09.01. 2017 & 22.02.2017 respectively (As per the Postal Tracking Record).
  3. That, meanwhile One Hundred and Eighty One (181) days got passed but no action is being taken by the Collegium System of Honourable Supreme Court of India and the said judge who is a fraud is still carrying out all judicial work in Supreme Court of India and the most important matter is that he is also the Second Member of “Collegium System” from 04.01.2017 onward and may become the Chief Justice of India on 28.08. 2017 after your retirement and then for the first time in Indian history when the Indian citizens would see one Fraud becoming the Chief Justice of India.
  4.   Sir, I have also registered a Complaint dated 05.09. 2016 with the Honourable Justice Sri T.S.Thakur, Former Chief Justice of India against one Sitting Judge of Orissa High Court named Justice Indrajit Mahanty for running a hotel industry on a homestead land in his own name in Cuttack City where he is a judge and for availing Term Loan in his own name from State Bank of India, Cuttack Branch to run his hotel industry.  He has committed these offences only after his appointment as a judge in Orissa High Court. After receiving my Complaint an Enquiry Committee has been constituted by Honourable Mr. Justice T.S.Thakur under “In-House Procedure” and this action of the Collegium System has generated a lot of faith and confidence among the common citizens of this country on Indian Judiciary.
  5. Sir, I hope that during your tenure the citizens of this Largest Democratic Country would definitely get justice and Indian Judiciary would be free from corrupt judges hence I pray you to take strong action against Justice Dipak Mishra alias Deepak Mishra by setting up  a committee under “In-House Procedure” and reform Indian Judiciary System.